Yacamoz Lifestyle Brand strives to bring handmade, high quality, comfortable shoes and textile that are made for real families. So they can easily access luxury and style from a direct source. This is our story.

Our life is ordinary. Or it is to us. Two kids, working from home, going crazy while kids are distance learning, getting groceries, washing face masks every day, Netflixing. You know, the usual stuff.

When we sold our previous healthy eating concept -which happened right before Covid hit the entire restaurant industry- we decided to take a Gap Year and find out what we really want to do. 

The idea of bringing high quality products together for families like us came to me when I got frustrated going from one site to another. Trying to order cotton peshtemal towels when my daughter needed a dress shoe for a wedding. Although with the new online shopping trends it is easier to find things, it is also easier to get lost in the vast selections. Even for me, an expert online shopper- since long before it became mandatory to shop online even for groceries.

When I say expert, I mean it, I do all my due diligence even for a simple shirt purchase. I read reviews, both good and bad, I search and use coupons when available. I do no impulse buying, the whole nine yards. Still, I thought it would be nice to trust a source for some things that a family needs. Shoes, bed coverings, beach towels, kids and adult bathrobes, sanitizers that actually kills what needs to be killed but smells good at the same time (hard combination to find by the way, seems you have to sacrifice one for another). And many more that I will add along the way. This is our new journey now.

I was visiting family in Turkey and while living mostly in quarantine I couldn’t help but notice the quality of the products produced there. When I purchased some and used them I was even more astonished. First I thought I should buy a whole bunch for the family and friends in the States but then it would take a lot of suitcases:). Then I realized I have been exporting products from Turkey for years just not these products. I started visiting manufacturers and got to know how each of these items are made and found out the facts of why they were so good. Such as a handmade shoe manufacturer in Izmir where shoes are made for the owner first. And do not get produced for the customers before he walks in them for a month.

So the idea of the Yacamoz lifestyle brand was born on the beach of Gumuldur, a seaside beauty in Izmir, Turkey. At my family’s beach house on a quiet night lit by Yakamoz (Original Turkish Spelling) on the sea. This is how the story of our lifestyle brand began.

We would source 100% Cotton textiles, truly handmade shoes, leather accessories, home goods and anything else that any family would need in their daily life, without spending a fortune.

From our family to yours.

Sapanli Family.




Super Soft

Light as a cloud with a soft surface.



Have a special experience with special handmade craftsmanship.



It will be one of the stylish parts of your home with its unique patterns.



Change your home and your aura with trendy design lines.