Size Guide

Women’s Shoes

Shoe Size567891011
US – Shoe Size4.5-55.5-66.5-77.5-88.5-99.5-1010.5-11
UK – Shoe Size2.5-33.5-44.5-55.5-66.5-77.5-88.5-9
EU – Shoe Size35.5-3636.5-3737.5-3838.5-3939.5-4040.5-4141.5-42
Foot Length (cm)
Foot Length (in)9⅛10⅛10½10¾11⅛

Men’s Shoes

Shoe Size78910111213
US – Shoe Size6.5-77.5-88.5-99.5-1010.5-1111.5-1212.5-13
UK – Shoe Size5.5-66.5-77.5-88.5-99.5-1010.5-1111.5-13
EU – Shoe Size39.5-4040.5-4141.5-4242.5-4343.5-4444.5-4545.5-46
Foot Length (cm)
Foot Length (in)10¼10⅝10⅞11¼11½11¾12⅛

Kids’s Shoes

Shoe SizeToddler 1Toddler 2Youth 1Youth 2
Average Age1-51-55-115-11
US – Kid Shoe Size5T-7T8T-10T11T-13T1-5
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Yacamoz Lifestyle Brand, is on a mission to guide Men & Women to create a minimal lifestyle by providing styling and organization tips along with an Essential Shoe Collection & Sustainable Cotton Home Textile that will help them de-clutter, organize and be more productive.

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